Created by Daniel Sobajian and Lisa Sobajian, Students Do is a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, students helping other students in need by collecting and donating school supplies.


Who are we and what do we do?

Imagine a non-profit organization where students help students. Students Do, created by Daniel Sobajian and Lisa Sobajian, is a non-profit organization based in Southern California, carrying the mission of students helping other students in need. Students Do encourages students to assist other students and promotes interaction, fellowship and understanding among students of diverse backgrounds. Students Do has helped many kids in the Los Angeles area.

Students Do provides new and recycled backpacks and school and art supplies to needy students. Student-run drives are organized and hosted many times throughout the year. Students collect, sort and personally deliver the items to other disadvantaged schools and youth organizations. Volunteers also engage in art projects, reading activities, mentoring, fundraisers and beautifying an organization’s site.

Fostering hope and opportunity.

Through Students Do, less fortunate students receive valuable school supplies and art supplies necessary to succeed in school and also participate in fun activities with the volunteer students.

Students who volunteer through Students Do become more educated about their community and gain a sense of accomplishment that they can help others. Students Do proves to be highly positive and rewarding experience for all students involved.

Alex, Jon, Angela, Daniel Sobajian, Monica and Lisa Sobajian, art supply drive
Alex, Jon, Angela, Daniel Sobajian, Monica and Lisa Sobajian
organizing the art supply drive with Students Do.


Students Do
Los Angeles, California USA
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